The Avatar Series

Sister Ceres, Logbook

ceres, logbook,

Soo..that was a couple of odd fucking days…

Well…we broke camp and continued east. We came upon a group of four travelers. They are of course shocked to see a dragon and on of them actually asked if we knew we were being followed by a dragon. Feeling comical I behaves as if I didn’t know and ended up with shards of metal in my neck for my trouble. After they were extricated and healed things began to happen rapidly. I felt sick. Faint even. It felt like Tempus had simply stopped..well…being. Frighting to say the least.

Then the odd things became apparent to the others. The trees were bending against the wind. We rode hard and away from this area and made camp to regroup. And yes…it seems we had somehow managed to group up with the four people. A grimey looking bard who keeps flirting with me, a knight with more muscles than brains, and the two foreign looking women. One of which was the culprit for throwing metal into my neck. Oh. I forgot to mention our little mage-boy. He seems to be in a coma. Head injury..just like I thought.

The sun was setting and the oddness started up again as we were beginning to sleep. I awoke to bugs crawling over my person. I sat up and cast a water spell to remove the bugs from the camp. Much to my dismay the water did not form and between my legs burst forth a prickly bush of pain and agony. It grew and grew and my shift tore and left my body naked to the night. Then, as suddenly as it appeared it was gone and fled away from the camp. The bard flew with me…though to be honest I think he was just watching my naked ass. I stopped at what appeared to have once been a small lake..buuut the dragon was face planted in the center and clearly displaced much of the lake’s contents.

Said bard kindly began to apply mud to the insides of my thighs to soothe the bleeding gashes left by what shall forever be known as the fondleweed.

Eventually we all regrouped and found our way to the city of Arabel. We decided to split up a bit from there as the dragon would way too much chaos in town. Theresa and I went into the city to look around and keep an eye out for Midnight. After not having much luck we decided to try a bar/inn to ask around and have some food. Something didn’t feel right and next thing I know I was waking up naked next to Mouse. Who was also naked. I proceeded to check her vitals.

When I awoke once again Windblossom was gone and Mouse was still unconscious. I got and dressed myself to go downstairs. It appeared to be the same Inn. I joined Windblossom and her sister Theresa for their meal. Soon after I left the Inn to look around for Midnight again. What I found was another unconscious magic user. I hauled her back to the Inn. Upon entering I saw that Theresa and Windblossom were slumped over in their chairs. I paid the barkeep to give me a hand and I took all three upstairs to the room the sisters were staying in. Mouse was keeping watch of the door. Slowly they woke up under our watch. The mage I found was Midnight and after everyone fully recovered we decided to have a group meeting to figure just what the fuck was going on.



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